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Functions and variable scope Quiz Questions Online p. 43

Learn Functions and variable scope quiz questions and answers, functions and variable scope MCQ with answers PDF 43 to learn PHP online course. PHP Controls Structures and Functions trivia questions, Functions and variable scope Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Functions and variable scope Quiz" PDF Book: understanding php configuration, mathematical operator, functions and variable scope test prep for computer science programs.

"Try ( ) and catch ( ) functions are used for" MCQ PDF: static variables, exceptions handling, global variables, and none of them for computer science associate degree. Study php controls structures and functions questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for information and communication technology.

Quiz on Functions and variable scope MCQs

MCQ: Try ( ) and catch ( ) functions are used for

Exceptions handling
Static variables
Global variables
None of them

MCQ: +=, −=, *=, /=, %= all are example of

Comparison operator
Assignment operator
Increment operator
Decrement operator

MCQ: If we want to use XML functions we must set off

short_open_tag <? ?>
slash_tag /
None of them

MCQ: By default the scope of variable which is defined inside a function is?

None of them

MCQ: The functionality of Constructors are offered in