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Introspection Functions Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 23

Solve Introspection Functions multiple choice questions and answers, introspection functions quiz answers PDF 23 to learn PHP course for college certification. Learn Advance PHP MCQ trivia questions, introspection functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Introspection Functions MCQ PDF: randomness, php and looping, iterations, sessions and php, introspection functions test prep for online degrees.

"For finding the data in the object is valid and consistent across the instance which function is used?", introspection functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices __wakeup ( ), __sleep ( ), __test ( ), and selftest ( ) for applied computer science. Solve advance php questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online computer engineering programs.

Introspection Functions Questions and Answers MCQs


For finding the data in the object is valid and consistent across the instance which function is used?

__sleep ( )
__wakeup ( )
__test ( )
selfTest ( )


A period of time during which a particular person, views a number of web pages at a particular machine is called as

None of them


The internal linked keys in an array can be retrievable by

pointer ( ) function
each ( ) function
key ( ) function
None of them


Unbounded loops repeats until some condition becomes

Both A and B


Example of random number function is/are

strand ( )
getrandmax ( )
mt_rand ( )
All of them

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