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Database Management System Classification Test Questions PDF - 76

The Book Database Management System Classification Test Questions, database management system classification quiz answers PDF download chapter 2-76 to learn online database management system certification courses. Solve Database Concepts and Architecture Test PDF, database management system classification Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Database Management System Classification Trivia App Download: database management system classification, hashing techniques, project operation, relation schemas design, weak entity types test prep for computer software engineer online degree.

The Test: The data model, access path and number of users of database management system are the criteria for PDF, "Database Management System Classification" App APK Download with classification basis of dbms, logical phase basis of dbms, data cycle basis of dbms, and transaction phase basis of dbms choices for computer software engineer. Study database concepts and architecture questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample to learn online certificate courses.

Database Management System Tests Online: Database Management System Classification Quiz PDF Download - 76

MCQ: The data model, access path and number of users of database management system are the criteria for

A) logical phase basis of DBMS
B) classification basis of DBMS
C) data cycle basis of DBMS
D) transaction phase basis of DBMS

MCQ: The number of values taken by hash field are called

A) cluster field space
B) span field space
C) hash field space
D) folding field space

MCQ: The operation which only selects some of the columns from table and neglect the remaining columns is classified as

A) OR operation
B) AND operation
C) TABLE operation
D) PROJECT operation

MCQ: The constraint between two different attributes sets is classified as

A) modification anomaly
B) functional dependency
C) insertion anomaly
D) deletion anomaly

MCQ: The type of association which associates a owner entity to weak entity is classified as

A) string relationship
B) dependency relationship
C) floating relationship
D) identifying relationship

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