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Schemas Statements in SQL Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 29

Schemas Statements in SQL multiple choice questions and answers, schemas statements in sql quiz answers PDF 29 to learn Database Management System course for college certification. Learn Schema Definition, Constraints, Queries and Views MCQ trivia questions, schemas statements in sql Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Schemas Statements in SQL MCQ PDF: introduction to disk storage, database management languages, er diagrams, data models categories, schemas statements in sql test prep for online computer science schools.

"When the schema is to be dropped in SQL which has no elements then the type of DROP Command used is called" MCQ PDF with choices precision drop command, scale drop command, restrict drop schema, and cascade drop command for online software development courses. Solve schema definition, constraints, queries and views questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer software engineer.

Schemas Statements in SQL Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: When the schema is to be dropped in SQL which has no elements then the type of DROP Command used is called

SCALE DROP command

MCQ: The type of data model which provide concepts in a way users of data recognize data models is considered as

dynamic data models
medium level data models
low level data models
high level data models

MCQ: In ER diagrams, the rectangles are used to denote

entity types
attribute types
key types
structure types

MCQ: For a three-schema architecture, there is strict partition between external, internal and conceptual level and the language used in this structure is

view definition language
logic map language
concept mapping language
storage mapping language

MCQ: The example of computer's primary storage is

main memory
optical disk
magnetic disc

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