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DBMS Notes and Technology Articles

Advantages of DBMS Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 17

Practice Advantages of DBMS quiz questions, advantages of dbms multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare DBMS exam worksheet 17 for online certificate programs. Practice "Database Management Systems" quiz with answers, advantages of dbms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online university degrees. Free advantages of dbms MCQs, binary relational operation: join and division, entity types, sets, attributes and keys, types of indexes, database management systems, advantages of dbms test prep for information and communication technology.

"The type of constraints that specifies the uniqueness of data stored in the database are considered as", advantages of dbms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices business rules, semantics, controlled rules, and structural rules for online degrees. Learn database management systems questions and answers with free online certification courses for associates in computer science.

Advantages of DBMS Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Advantages of DBMS Quiz

MCQ: The type of constraints that specifies the uniqueness of data stored in the database are considered as

  1. semantics
  2. business rules
  3. controlled rules
  4. structural rules


Database Management Systems Quiz

MCQ: In database management system, the module which is designed to be used on workstation and personal computer systems is classified as

  1. local area module
  2. client module
  3. spatial module
  4. wide are module


Types of indexes Quiz

MCQ: The indexes which specifies address of records on disk with a physical pointer are classified as

  1. structural index
  2. hashing index
  3. physical index
  4. logical index


Entity Types, Sets, Attributes and Keys Quiz

MCQ: In programming languages, the available data types are

  1. integer
  2. string
  3. float and Boolean
  4. all of above


Binary Relational Operation: JOIN and DIVISION Quiz

MCQ: The operation which allows to process relationships from multiple relations rather than single relation is classified as

  1. division operation
  2. relation operation
  3. square operation
  4. join operation