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Practice Specialization and Generalization quiz questions and answers, specialization and generalization MCQ questions PDF, test 102 to study Database Management System online course. Entity Relationship Modeling MCQ questions, specialization and generalization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Specialization and Generalization Book PDF: hashing techniques, constraints in sql, query graphs notations, sql data definition and types, specialization and generalization test prep for information and communication technology.

"The predicate-defined subclasses are also known as" Quiz PDF: specialization and generalization App APK with non condition subclasses, condition-defined subclasses, aggregation subclasses, and segregation subclasses choices for online degrees. Solve entity relationship modeling questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for associates in computer science.

Trivia Questions on Specialization and Generalization MCQs

MCQ: The predicate-defined subclasses are also known as

condition-defined subclasses
non condition subclasses
aggregation subclasses
segregation subclasses

MCQ: If the length of bit string is multiple of 4 then it can be specified with the notation called

fixed string notation
triple decimal notation
double decimal notation
hexadecimal notation

MCQ: The nodes which represents queries in the relations are classified as

relation nodes
query nodes
truth nodes
local nodes

MCQ: The referential triggered action clause in Standard Query Language is attached to constraint called

primary key constraint
stamped key constraint
interval notation constraint
foreign key constraint

MCQ: If the file load factor is 0.6, blocking factor is 25 and the number of file buckets are 5 then the current number of records are