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Client Server Architecture Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 16

Client Server Architecture quiz questions and answers, client server architecture MCQ with answers PDF 16 to solve Database Management System mock tests for online college programs. Solve Database Concepts and Architecture trivia questions, client server architecture Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Client Server Architecture Interview Questions PDF: data models categories, dbms end users, conceptual data models, query graphs notations, client server architecture test prep for top computer science schools.

"The application program interface in the two tier architecture database management system is provided by the" MCQ PDF with choices open module connectivity, close module connectivity, close database connectivity, and open database connectivity for online college courses. Practice database concepts and architecture questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer science associate degree.

Quiz on Client Server Architecture MCQs

MCQ: The application program interface in the two tier architecture database management system is provided by the

close module connectivity
open module connectivity
close database connectivity
open database connectivity

MCQ: In the notation for query graphs, the double ovals or circles are used to represent

non-declarative nodes
constant nodes
stable nodes
declarative nodes

MCQ: The phase in data designing in which the access paths and database indexes are specified is classified as

structural design
physical design of database
data model mapping
logical design

MCQ: The standardized types of database queries and methods of updating database are called

unbounded transactions
canned transactions
occasional transactions
conceptual transactions

MCQ: In database management system, the term which is used to represent the real world concept or object is classified as