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Web Technology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Web Technology quiz answers PDF with database systems career tests for online courses. Practice application design and development Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Web Technology quiz questions for online computer science engineering. Web Technology MCQ PDF: web technology, web fundamentals, application architectures, application programs and user interfaces test prep for CS major.

"A program running on the server machine, is called" MCQ PDF on web technology with choices web server, web application, web process, and web program for online computer science engineering. Practice web technology quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college classes.

MCQs on Web Technology Quiz

MCQ: A program running on the server machine, is called

Web server
Web application
Web process
Web program

MCQ: The communication between the browser and Web server takes place via


MCQ: The parsed HTML code of in-memory tree structure is defined by a standard, called

Dynamic Obtained Model
Document Obtained Model
Dynamic Object Model
Document Object Model

MCQ: The several technologies that are used by JavaScript to create dynamic web pages, are known as


MCQ: The client and the Web server have a connection of type

Not Continuous

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