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Learn Transaction Isolation and Atomicity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Transaction Isolation and Atomicity quiz answers PDF to study database systems online course for database systems classes. Database Transactions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Transaction Isolation and Atomicity quiz questions for associates in computer science. "Transaction Isolation and Atomicity MCQ" PDF Book: types of storage structure, transaction isolation levels, storage and file structure, transaction model test prep for computer information science.

"A single transaction failure may result into a set of transaction rollbacks, is known to be" MCQ PDF: transaction isolation and atomicity with choices iterated rollback, cascadeless rollback, cascading rollback, and serial rollback for associates in computer science. Study transaction isolation and atomicity quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for free online classes.

MCQs on Transaction Isolation and Atomicity Quiz

MCQ: A single transaction failure may result into a set of transaction rollbacks, is known to be

Iterated rollback
Cascadeless rollback
Cascading rollback
Serial rollback

MCQ: In a given amount of time the number of transactions that can be executed is known to be the

Response time
Concurrency time

MCQ: The time for a transaction to be completely executed after its submission is known to be its

Average response time
Average access time
Average execution time
Average utilize time

MCQ: By finding a linear order consistent with the partial order in the precedence graph, we can obtain the

Topological order
Serializability order
Precedence order
Conflict serializability order

MCQ: If an schedule doesn't include commit or abort operation, it is defined to be

Partial schedule
Dependent schedule
Serialized schedule
Unserialized schedule

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