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Functions and Procedures MCQ with Answers PDF

Functions and Procedures Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Functions and Procedures quiz answers PDF to learn database systems online course for database systems classes. Advanced SQL Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Functions and Procedures quiz questions for online computer science engineering. "Functions and Procedures Book" PDF: database triggers, java database connectivity (jdbc), jdbc and java, functions and procedures test prep for CS major.

"In the language constructs for procedures, PSM stands for" MCQ PDF: functions and procedures with choices permanent storage module, persistent storage module, prepared statement module, and prepared storage module for online computer science engineering. Learn functions and procedures quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college classes.

MCQs on Functions and Procedures Quiz

MCQ: In the language constructs for procedures, PSM stands for

Permanent Storage Module
Persistent Storage Module
Prepared Statement Module
Prepared Storage Module

MCQ: For the identification of the procedure, the name is used along with the


MCQ: The while statements and the repeat statements by the formatted syntax was supported by


MCQ: The SQL standard supports functions that can return tables as results, such functions are called

Table functions
Standard functions
Result functions
Callable functions

MCQ: CLR stands for

Common language Runtime
Computing language Runtime
Communication language Runtime
Conditional language Runtime