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Database Triggers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Database Triggers quiz answers PDF with database systems live worksheets for online degrees. Solve advanced sql Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Database Triggers quiz questions for applied computer science. Database Triggers Interview Questions: database triggers, java database connectivity (jdbc), jdbc and java, functions and procedures test prep for online degrees.

"A trigger can be dropped by using the command" MCQ PDF on database triggers with choices drop trigger, alter trigger drop, define drop trigger, and declare drop trigger for applied computer science. Solve database triggers quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online computer engineering programs.

MCQs on Database Triggers Quiz

MCQ: A trigger can be dropped by using the command

drop trigger
alter trigger drop
define drop trigger
declare drop trigger

MCQ: To maintain materialized views, we can use

Clone objects

MCQ: The system executes the rest of the trigger body that is satisfying the condition only for the


MCQ: For the triggers in SQL, the statement that specifies a condition is said to be

While statement
From statement
Where statement
When statement

MCQ: A collection of triggers can be created on each relation to record the changes in relations called

Temporary relations
Permanent relations
Delta relations
Filter relations

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