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Computer Printers Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 77

Solve Computer Printers multiple choice questions and answers, computer printers quiz answers PDF 77 to learn Computer Basics course for college certification. Learn Basics of Information Technology quiz questions, computer printers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Computer printers MCQ" book PDF: word processing programs, computer: internet protocols, word processing basics, storage devices basics, computer printers test prep for computer software engineer.

"In computer, LPT stands for", computer printers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices laser printer, line printer, low print typewriter, and line per text for computer science programs. Solve basics of information technology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for cheapest online computer science degree.

Computer Printers Questions and Answers


In computer, LPT stands for

line printer
laser printer
Low Print Typewriter
Line Per Text


Which of the following assures you that the hard drive has failed?

buzzing sound
all of these


Personal Computer full featured word processor is

Word pad
Note pad
Word document


Internet service provider gives you access to

chat lines
all of these


Which of the following is not valid version of MS Office?

office XP
office Vista
office 2000
office 2007
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