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The e-Book Computer Organization Quiz Questions and Answers, computer organization Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 32-63 to study online computer architecture degree programs. Study Quantitative Design and Analysis MCQ Questions PDF, computer organization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Computer Organization Trivia App Download: Free educational app for computer organization, graphics processing units, computer hardware operands, thread level parallelism, major hurdle of pipelining test prep for top computer science schools in the world.

The Quiz A wafer is normally tested and is chopped into: tri, dies, tabs and tracks with "Computer Organization" App Download (Android & iOS) Free for 2 year computer science degree. Practice quantitative design and analysis questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for CS major.

Computer Organization Trivia Questions PDF Download: Quiz 63

MCQ 311: A wafer is normally tested and is chopped into

A) dies
B) tri
C) tabs
D) tracks

MCQ 312: The process of letting an instruction move from decode stage into the execution stage of this pipeline is usually called

A) canceling
B) instruction issue
C) nullifying
D) branch prediction

MCQ 313: Delay in finding the proper instruction to fetch is known as control hazard, also referred to as

A) structural hazards
B) data hazards
C) branch hazard
D) call hazard

MCQ 314: The on-chip memory which is local to every multithreaded Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) Processor is called

A) local memory
B) global memory
C) flash memory
D) stack

MCQ 315: The data transfer instructions, that are used to transfer computer data from memory to

A) memory
B) ram
C) register
D) cache

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