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CPU Performance Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 109

CPU Performance quiz questions and answers, cpu performance MCQ with answers PDF 109 to solve Computer Architecture mock tests for online college programs. Solve Instruction Level Parallelism trivia questions, cpu performance Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. CPU Performance Quiz PDF: computer types, learn virtual memory, simple implementation scheme, network topologies, cpu performance test prep for computer software engineer.

"For predicting the value which will be produced by instruction, this stated technique is referred to as" MCQ PDF with choices anti-dependence, value prediction, anti-speculation, and commit for computer science programs. Practice instruction level parallelism questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for cheapest online computer science degree.

Quiz on CPU Performance MCQs

MCQ: For predicting the value which will be produced by instruction, this stated technique is referred to as

value prediction

MCQ: The op field, also called the Opcode, is always contained in bits


MCQ: Computer A having a clock cycle time of 250 PS and cycle per instruction of 2.0 for some programs, and computer B having a clock cycle time of 500 PS and a cycle per instruction of 1.2 for the same program. Which one is faster for this program?

computer A
computer B
both will have same time
none of above

MCQ: Adding a minimum of logk N = 1 extra switch stages to the MIN in such a way that they mirror the original topology, the resulting network is

rearrangeably nonblocking
rearrangeably blocking

MCQ: In the single-cycle implementation, the instructions of the programs are executed in

one cycle
two cycles
three cycles
four cycles

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