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Introduction to Computer Technology Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 3

Introduction to Computer Technology trivia questions and answers, introduction to computer technology worksheets with answers PDF 3 to practice Computer Architecture exam questions for online classes. Practice Computer Technology MCQ questions, introduction to computer technology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Introduction to Computer Technology Quizzes PDF: synchronization basics, introduction to computer performance, caches and cache types, organization of pentium implementations, introduction to computer technology test prep for associates in computer science.

"The performance of developed programs depends upon" MCQ PDF with choices compiler, algorithm, operating system, and all of above for top computer science schools. Learn computer technology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online degrees.

Trivia Quiz on Introduction to Computer Technology MCQs

MCQ: The performance of developed programs depends upon

operating system
all of above

MCQ: The solution for the enhancement of the Pentium 4 processor is

multicycle data path
trace code
hardwired control

MCQ: In a direct-mapped cache of eight words (1)10 ((00001)2) and (29)10 ((11101)2) map to locations

(0)10 ((001)2)) and (5)10 ((101)2))
(1)10 ((001)2)) and (4)10 ((101)2))
(1)10 ((001)2)) and (5)10 ((101)2))
(1)10 ((001)2)) and (6)10 ((101)2))

MCQ: If we are primarily concerned with response time, Performance = 1/ Execution Time, the given relation shows that performance is increased

when execution time is decreased
when execution time is increased
when execution time is has no effect
none of above

MCQ: A lock which causes a thread trying to acquire it to simply wait in a loop while repeatedly checking if the lock is available is known as

spin locks
store locks
link locks
store operation

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