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Real Faults and Failures Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 2

Real Faults and Failures multiple choice questions and answers, real faults and failures quiz answers PDF 2 to learn Computer Architecture course for college certification. Learn Storage Systems MCQ trivia questions, real faults and failures Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Real Faults and Failures MCQ PDF: distributed shared memory and coherence, what is pipelining, instruction set operations, hazards of pipelining, real faults and failures test prep for computer majors.

"Which of the following approaches is used to achieve reliable systems?" MCQ PDF with choices fault removal, fault prevention, fault tolerance, and all of above for online bachelor's degree computer science. Solve storage systems questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for master's degree in computer science.

Real Faults and Failures Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: Which of the following approaches is used to achieve reliable systems?

fault prevention
fault removal
fault tolerance
all of above

MCQ: By resolving structural hazard, working of the processor becomes


MCQ: The library that allows a library for loading and linking at runtime, only when the program invokes it, is known as

packed decimal
virtual functions
dynamically shared libraries
data dependence

MCQ: How many types of hazards occur in pipelining?

two types
three types
four types
five types

MCQ: When performing a looping operation, the instruction gets stored in the

system heap

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