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Computer Architecture Notes and Technology Articles

Computer Language and Instructions MCQ Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 1

Practice Computer Language and Instructions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF, computer language and instructions MCQs with answers PDF worksheets, computer architecture test 1 for online college programs. Learn sorting program MCQs, "Computer Language and Instructions" quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Learn sorting program, memory addressing, dynamic scheduling algorithm, what is virtual memory, fallacies and pitfalls career test for 2 year computer science degree.

"The given lines of code temp = v[k]; v[k] = v[k+1]; v[k+1] = temp represents the function of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on computer language and instructions with choices multiplication, factorial, sorting, and swapping to learn online certificate courses. Practice sorting program quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for computer and information science.

MCQs on Computer Language and Instructions Quiz PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The given lines of code temp = v[k]; v[k] = v[k+1]; v[k+1] = temp represents the function of

  1. factorial
  2. multiplication
  3. sorting
  4. swapping


MCQ: The conversion of this Hexa expression 24hex into binary is

  1. (0010 0100)2
  2. (0010 1111)2
  3. (0100 0010 0000)2
  4. (0010 0000)2


MCQ: Instruction that loads a bit, byte, word, or double word of a string into the register EAx is

  1. lod
  2. lods
  3. lode
  4. loop


MCQ: Hexadecimal number that this binary number (0001 0011 0111)2) represents is

  1. 123
  2. 135
  3. 145
  4. 137


MCQ: In the MIPS instruction fields, the shamt field is of

  1. 4 bits
  2. 5 bits
  3. 6 bits
  4. 7 bits