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Signed and Unsigned Numbers Quiz Questions PDF - 9

The Book Signed and Unsigned Numbers Quiz Questions, signed and unsigned numbers quiz answers PDF download chapter 14-9 to study online computer architecture degree programs. Practice Embedded Systems MCQ with answers PDF, signed and unsigned numbers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Signed and Unsigned Numbers Quiz App Download: signed and unsigned numbers, computer instructions representations, memory addressing, cost trends and analysis, simd instruction set extensions test prep for online college courses.

The Quiz: The cellular handset market is growing at PDF, "Signed and Unsigned Numbers" App Download (Free) with 35% per year, 30% per year, 40% per year, and 45% per year choices for online computer engineering programs. Solve embedded systems questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online bachelor's degree computer science.

Computer Architecture Quiz: Signed and Unsigned Numbers MCQs PDF Download - 9

MCQ: The cellular handset market is growing at

A) 30% per year
B) 35% per year
C) 40% per year
D) 45% per year

MCQ: Negating (2)10 and then checking the result by negating (-2)10

A) (2)10
B) (-2)10
C) (-4)10
D) (10)10

MCQ: The conversion of this Hexa expression 24hex into binary is

A) (0010 0100)2
B) (0010 1111)2
C) (0100 0010 0000)2
D) (0010 0000)2

MCQ: Which one of the following is an example of displacement addressing mode

A) add r4,r3
B) add r4,#3
C) add r4,100(r1)
D) add r3,(r1 + r2)

MCQ: The no of good dies/wafer is called

A) top line
B) bottom line
C) double line
D) multiple line

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