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Models of Memory Consistency Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 4

Models of Memory Consistency quiz questions and answers, models of memory consistency MCQ with answers PDF 4 to solve Computer Architecture mock tests for online college programs. Solve Thread Level Parallelism trivia questions, models of memory consistency Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Models of Memory Consistency Quiz PDF: integrated circuits: power and energy, introduction to computer performance, architectural design vectors, floating point, models of memory consistency test prep for free online classes.

"The conservative memory model that does not allow any instruction reordering on each core, is called" MCQ PDF with choices random consistency, sequential consistency, remote node, and host node for computer majors. Practice thread level parallelism questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best online schools for computer science.

Quiz on Models of Memory Consistency MCQs

MCQ: The conservative memory model that does not allow any instruction reordering on each core, is called

sequential consistency
random consistency
remote node
host node

MCQ: The multiplication of these floating points (1.110)10 x (9.200)10 yields


MCQ: The most essential source of overhead, when gets ignored by the chime model is

vector register
vector element
vector start-up time
vector delay time

MCQ: What will be the clock rate of a processor having 0.25 cycle time?

2 GHz
3 GHz
4 GHz
8 GHz

MCQ: Some microprocessors today are designed to have adjustable voltage, so a 15% reduction in voltage may result in a 15% reduction in frequency. What would be the impact on dynamic energy and on dynamic power?


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