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Program Translation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Program Translation quiz answers PDF with computer architecture career tests for online courses. Practice storage systems Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Program Translation quiz questions for computer majors. Program Translation Interview Questions: data dependences and hazards, instruction level parallelism, vector architecture design, architecture and networks test prep for free online classes.

"The squared coefficient of variance, traditionally called" MCQ PDF on program translation with choices (c)2, (c)3, (s)2, and (s)3 for computer majors. Practice program translation quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online schools for computer science.

MCQs on Program Translation Quiz

MCQ: The squared coefficient of variance, traditionally called


MCQ: Assume that processor has a 1 ns clock cycle and that it uses 4 cycles for ALU operations branches and 5 cycles for memory and the relative frequencies of these operations are 40%, 20%, and 40%, respectively, then the average instruction execution time on the unpipelined processor is

4.4 ns
4.2 ns
3.4 ns
3.2 ns

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