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Memory Technology Review MCQ with Answers PDF

Memory Technology Review Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Memory Technology Review quiz answers PDF with computer architecture live worksheets for online degrees. Solve storage systems Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Memory Technology Review quiz questions for cheapest online computer science degree. Memory Technology Review MCQ PDF: data dependences and hazards, instruction level parallelism, vector architecture design, architecture and networks test prep for online bachelor's degree computer science.

"Data are allocated to disks in the RAID at the" MCQ PDF on memory technology review with choices block level, cache level, low level, and high level for cheapest online computer science degree. Solve memory technology review quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for computer majors.

MCQs on Memory Technology Review Quiz

MCQ: Data are allocated to disks in the RAID at the

block level
cache level
low level
high level

MCQ: An obvious and sufficient test for the dependence's absence is the

gross common divisor (GCD)
greatest commit divisor (GCD)
greatest common division (GCD)
greatest common divisor (GCD)

MCQ: In the scheme, named as Tomasulo's scheme, register renaming is done by

tournament predictors
reservation stations

MCQ: The power utilization effectiveness would be calculated as

PUE = (Total facility power)*(IT equipment power)
PUE = (Total facility power)-(IT equipment power)
PUE = (Total facility power) + (IT equipment power)
pue = (total facility power)/(it equipment power)

MCQ: The number of bits per second transferred is known as

bit rate
data rate
hit time
hit miss

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