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Caches Performance MCQ with Answers PDF

Caches Performance Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Caches Performance quiz answers PDF with computer architecture live worksheets for online degrees. Solve quantitative design and analysis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Caches Performance quiz questions for computer science associate degree. Caches Performance MCQ PDF: memory technology and optimizations, simd instruction set extensions, what is computer architecture, integrated circuits: power and energy test prep for computer science programs.

"The no of dies/300 mm or (30 cm) wafer for die which is 1.5 cm on a side and for that die which is 1.0 cm on a side, would be" MCQ PDF on caches performance with choices 370 and 640, 270 and 740, 270 and 750, and 270 and 640 for computer science associate degree. Solve caches performance quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for information and communication technology.

MCQs on Caches Performance Quiz

MCQ: The no of dies/300 mm or (30 cm) wafer for die which is 1.5 cm on a side and for that die which is 1.0 cm on a side, would be

370 and 640
270 and 740
270 and 750
270 and 640

MCQ: Which one of the following is the most common architectural parameter?

physical pages
page sizes
page fault
block size

MCQ: The CPI (Clock per Instruction) is given by the following formula

CPI = CPU clock cycles\Instruction count
CPI = Instruction count
CPI = CPU clock cycles
CPI = CPU clock cycles*Instruction count

MCQ: Pipeline interlock introduces a stall or bubble, just as in the

data hazard
control hazard
structural hazard
both a and b

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