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Learn C++ and Programming quiz questions and answers, c++ and programming MCQ with answers PDF 112 to learn C++ online course. Introduction to C++ Programming trivia questions, C++ and Programming Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "C++ and Programming Quiz" PDF Book: header files, operator overloading, increment decrement operator, standard c++ library, c++ and programming test prep for top online computer science programs.

"The return 0 statement at the end of a program indicates what?" MCQ PDF: that the control returns to the operating system, that the program terminated their execution, 0 indicates that program ended successfully, and all of them for top computer science schools in the world. Study introduction to c++ programming questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online computer science engineering.

Quiz on C++ and Programming MCQs

MCQ: The return 0 statement at the end of a program indicates what?

That the program terminated their execution
That the control returns to the operating system
0 indicates that program ended successfully
All of them

MCQ: A stream header has

5 header files
9 header files
10 header files
20 header files

MCQ: Data flowing out of the output stream is called Cout, but data flowing in the input stream is called


MCQ: A non-member function that is given access to all members of a class within it is declared, is called

Access function
Friend function
Operator functions
None of them

MCQ: Which standard library header file is used for functions prototype for standard input and output functions?