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Central Tendency Measures Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 28

Central Tendency Measures quiz questions and answers, central tendency measures MCQs with answers PDF 28 to practice statistics mock tests for online graduate programs. Practice "Measures of Central Tendency" quiz questions with answers, central tendency measures Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice statistics test with answers for online university degrees. Free central tendency measures MCQs, sampling techniques, frequency distribution types, random variable classes, calculating moments, central tendency measures test prep for best online business management degree.

"The sum of values of data is divided by total number of values is used to calculate", central tendency measures Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices weighted average mean, arithmetic mean, geometric mean, and harmonic mean for best online business management degree. Learn measures of central tendency questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for business administration and management colleges.

Quiz on Central Tendency Measures PDF Download eBook

Central Tendency Measures Quiz

MCQ: The sum of values of data is divided by total number of values is used to calculate

  1. arithmetic mean
  2. weighted average mean
  3. geometric mean
  4. harmonic mean


Calculating Moments Quiz

MCQ: Considering the moments in standard units, the fourth alpha with power 1 is equivalent to

  1. beta three
  2. beta four
  3. beta one
  4. beta two


Random Variable Classes Quiz

MCQ: The class of variable which can accept any value within the upper and lower limit is classified as

  1. posterior random variable
  2. interior random variable
  3. discrete random variable
  4. continuous random variable


Frequency Distribution Types Quiz

MCQ: The type of cumulative frequency distribution in which the class intervals are added in bottom to top order is classified as

  1. more than type distribution
  2. marginal distribution
  3. variation distribution
  4. less than type distribution


Sampling Techniques Quiz

MCQ: The listing of elements in the population with the identifiable number is classified as

  1. regularity experimental frame
  2. indirect experiment frame
  3. direct experimental frame
  4. frame for experiment