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Sample Space Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 27

Sample Space trivia questions and answers, sample space quiz answers PDF 27 to practice statistics exam questions for online classes. Practice "Introduction to Probability" trivia questions and answers, sample space Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice statistics test with answers for online university degrees. Free sample space MCQs, binomial probability distribution, data tables in statistics, multiplication rules of probability, population parameters and sample statistic, sample space test prep for online bachelor's degree in administration.

"For a random experiment, all the possible outcomes are called", sample space Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices event space, numerical space, sample space, and both b and c for business administration bachelor degree online. Learn introduction to probability questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online business administration degree.

Trivia Quiz on Sample Space PDF Download eBook

Sample Space Quiz

MCQ: For a random experiment, all the possible outcomes are called

  1. numerical space
  2. event space
  3. sample space
  4. both b and c


Population Parameters and Sample Statistic Quiz

MCQ: The unknown or exact value that represents the whole population is classified as

  1. parameters
  2. estimators
  3. absolute statistics
  4. coverage estimator


Multiplication Rules of Probability Quiz

MCQ: The types of probabilities for independent events must includes

  1. joint events
  2. marginal events
  3. conditional events
  4. all of above


Data Tables in Statistics Quiz

MCQ: Considering the types of diagrams, squares, circles and rectangles are classified as

  1. cumulative diagram
  2. dispersion diagrams
  3. one dimension diagrams
  4. two dimension diagram


Binomial Probability Distribution Quiz

MCQ: If the value of success in binomial probability distribution is 0.40 and failure is 0.60 and the number of values in distribution are 5 then the moment coefficient of skewness is

  1. 0.467
  2. 0.167
  3. 0.267
  4. 0.367