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Animals Reproduction Quiz Questions with Answers PDF - 291

The e-Book Animals Reproduction Quiz Questions and Answers, animals reproduction Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 16-291 to study online biology degree programs. Study Reproduction MCQ Questions PDF, animals reproduction Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Animals Reproduction Trivia App Download: Free educational app for animals reproduction, animals: growth and development, coordination in animals, gaseous exchange transport, digestion and absorption test prep for best online SAT prep class.

The Quiz In honey bees, male or drones develop from: sperm, fertilized egg, unfertilized egg and embryo with "Animals Reproduction" App Download (Android & iOS) Free for accredited online colleges. Practice reproduction questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for best online GRE prep class.

Animals Reproduction Trivia Questions PDF Download: Quiz 291

MCQ 1451: In honey bees, male or drones develop from

A) fertilized egg
B) sperm
C) unfertilized egg
D) embryo

MCQ 1452: Rounded closely packed mass of blastomeres is called

A) gastrula
B) morula
C) neurula
D) hypoblast

MCQ 1453: Response in the form of contraction is shown by

A) bones
B) glands
C) tissues
D) muscles

MCQ 1454: The muscles fibers have an iron-containing protein called

A) hemoglobin
B) myoglobin
C) globulin
D) cytoglobin

MCQ 1455: Hydra is aquatic and diploblastic

A) bryophyte
B) cnidarians
C) actinipods
D) amphibians

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