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Cloning Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 137

Free Cloning Quiz Questions, cloning quiz answers PDF download chapter 16-137 to study online biology degree courses. Practice Reproduction MCQ with answers PDF, cloning Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Free learning app: Cloning Quiz App Download & e-Book for cloning, carbohydrates, homeostasis: vertebrates, coordination in animals, evolution of seed habit test prep for GRE subject tests.

The Quiz: Nucleus taken from a somatic cell during cloning is introduced into an; "Cloning" App Download (Free) with answers egg cell, sperm cell, zygote and gamete to learn e-learning courses. Solve reproduction questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for GRE subject test tutoring.

Cloning Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 137

MCQ 681: The nucleus taken from a somatic cell during cloning is introduced into an

A) sperm cell
B) egg cell
C) zygote
D) gamete

MCQ 682: A conjugated molecule of glycolipids is made when carbohydrates in cell combine with

A) proteins
B) ions
C) carbohydrates
D) lipids

MCQ 683: Liver functions are pivotal to

A) homeostasis
B) thermoregulation
C) osmoregulation
D) thalassemia

MCQ 684: Cell death in a brain area that produces dopamine causes

A) epilepsy
B) Alzheimer's disease
C) parkinson's disease
D) microcephaly

MCQ 685: A family of plant mostly found in warm temperate regions is

A) Fabaceae
B) Rosaceae
C) Cassia
D) Papilionaceae

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