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The Book Plants Reproduction Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with answers, Plants Reproduction MCQ Quiz PDF download to study online biology degree courses. Practice Reproduction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Plants Reproduction quiz answers PDF for SAT test. The e-Book Plants Reproduction MCQ App Download: gametes, animals reproduction, plants reproduction test prep for online colleges for teaching.

The MCQ: In reproduction, Vernalin hormone resembles PDF, "Plants Reproduction" App Download (Free) with cytokinin, auxin, gibberellin, and ethene choices for SAT test. Study plants reproduction quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for GRE test prep classes.

Biology MCQs: Plants Reproduction Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: In reproduction, Vernalin hormone resembles

A) cytokinin
B) auxin
C) gibberellin
D) ethene

MCQ: In reproduction, Vernalisation is induced by the hormone

A) veriline
B) vermalin
C) vernalin
D) venralin

MCQ: In plants, the detection of either light or darkness is the responsibility of

A) chlorophylls
B) carotenes
C) phytochromes
D) xanthophylls

MCQ: The clock in a plant for measuring the duration of darkness is provided by the rate of conversion of

A) p660-p730
B) p700 to p730
C) p730 to p660
D) p630 to p700

MCQ: The effective temperature considered in vernalization is

A) around 1 °C
B) around 4 °C
C) around 2 °C
D) around 10 °C

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