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Introduction to Nutrition MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Introduction to Nutrition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), introduction to nutrition quiz answers PDF worksheet, college biology test for online degree programs. Solve nutrition Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Introduction to Nutrition" quiz questions and answers for online degree programs. Learn nutritional diseases, grade 11 biology: digestion, heterotrophic nutrition test prep for for GRE prep classes.

"The small intestine is composed of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on introduction to nutrition with choices duodenum, jejunum, ileum, and all of above for online degree programs. Solve introduction to nutrition quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online ACT prep class. Introduction to Nutrition Video

MCQs on Introduction to Nutrition PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The small intestine is composed of

  1. duodenum
  2. jejunum
  3. ileum
  4. all of above


MCQ: An organism which can prepare their food is called

  1. heterotrophic
  2. autotrophic
  3. mototropic
  4. hypotrophic


MCQ: The large intestine is composed of

  1. caecum
  2. colon
  3. rectum
  4. all of above


MCQ: After the food reaches the back of the mouth, swallowing becomes

  1. voluntary
  2. involuntary
  3. automatic
  4. mobile


MCQ: Food material moves to the esophagus with the help of

  1. stomach
  2. longitudinal muscles
  3. circular muscles
  4. gravity