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Cloning Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) PDF Download

Free Cloning Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with Answers PDF (Cloning MCQ PDF e-Book) download to practice College Biology Tests. Learn Reproduction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Cloning quiz answers PDF to learn distance learning courses. The Cloning MCQ App: Download free learning app for gametes, pollen, animals reproduction test prep for schools that offer certificate programs.

The MCQ: Nucleus of egg cell in cloning is destroyed by; "Cloning" App Download (Free) with answers ‘violet radiations’, ‘heat’, ‘cold’ and ‘water’ to learn distance learning courses. Practice Cloning Quiz Questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for GRE test.

Cloning MCQs: Questions and Answers PDF Download

MCQ 1: Cloning will be subjected to serious moral questions if applied to

  1. reptiles
  2. humans
  3. birds
  4. mammals

MCQ 2: The nucleus of the egg cell in cloning is destroyed by

  1. violet radiations
  2. heat
  3. cold
  4. water

MCQ 3: The nucleus taken from a somatic cell during cloning is introduced into an

  1. sperm cell
  2. egg cell
  3. zygote
  4. gamete

MCQ 4: Cloning has been used for desirable animals such as

  1. race horses only
  2. prize bulls only
  3. human
  4. race horses and prize bulls

MCQ 5: Cloning helps produce desired varieties of

  1. animals only
  2. plants only
  3. humans
  4. animals and plants

College Biology Practice Tests

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The App: Cloning MCQs App to learn Cloning Multiple Choice Questions, College Biology MCQ App, and Zoology MCQ App. Free Download "Cloning MCQs" App with Android & iOS Apps includes complete analytics with interactive assessments. Download App Store & Play Store learning Applications & enjoy 100% functionality with subscriptions!

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Cloning App (Android & iOS)

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College Biology App (iOS & Android)

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