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Dealing with Performance Appraisal Problems Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 91

Practice Dealing with Performance Appraisal Problems quiz questions and answers, dealing with performance appraisal problems MCQ with answers PDF 91 to solve Human Resource Management mock tests for online college programs. Solve Performance Management and Appraisal trivia questions, dealing with performance appraisal problems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Dealing with Performance Appraisal Problems Quiz PDF: implementing training programs, impasses mediation and strikes, staffing global organization, employee motivation, dealing with performance appraisal problems test prep for online bachelor's degree in business administration.

"When the rating of employee trait biases its performance on other traits, it is called", dealing with performance appraisal problems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices deja vu effect, halo effect, narrow effect, and none of above to learn free online courses. Practice performance management and appraisal questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online schools for business degrees.

Quiz on Dealing with Performance Appraisal Problems MCQs


When the rating of employee trait biases its performance on other traits, it is called

halo effect
Deja vu effect
narrow effect
none of above


An Edward Deci's motivation theory explains the

extrinsic rewards causes detraction
intrinsic rewards causes detraction
extrinsic rewards causes motivation
intrinsic rewards causes motivation


The procedure that aims to assess the probable success of assignees, in handling of a foreign transfer is classified as

adaptability screening
ethnocentric screening
polycentric screening
geocentric screening


The kind of arbitration in which parties are committed to accept the award of arbitrator, can be best classified as

binding arbitration
non-binding arbitration
interest arbitration
rights arbitration


Providing continuous learning, training and help to employees for expansion of horizon is

job rotation
job training
lifelong learning
programmed learning

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