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Single Payment Computations Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 56

Practice Single Payment Computations quiz questions, single payment computations multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare applied math exam worksheet 56 for online certificate programs. Practice "Mathematics of Finance" quiz with answers, single payment computations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve mathematics test with answers for online business degree. Free single payment computations MCQs, linear functions in maths, types of matrices, annuities and present value, linear equations in mathematics, single payment computations test prep for online college courses.

"The formula written as r = (1+i⁄m)m -1 is used to calculate", single payment computations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices marginal annual rate, fractional annual rate, nominal annual rate, and effective annual rate for online bachelor's degree in business administration. Practice mathematics of finance questions and answers with free online certification courses for accredited online business administration degree.

Single Payment Computations Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Single Payment Computations Quiz

MCQ: The formula written as r = (1+i⁄m)m -1 is used to calculate

  1. fractional annual rate
  2. marginal annual rate
  3. nominal annual rate
  4. effective annual rate


Linear Equations in Mathematics Quiz

MCQ: In the linear equation ax = c, the simplified form is

  1. c = x⁄a
  2. x = c⁄a
  3. x = a⁄c
  4. a = c⁄x


Annuities and Present Value Quiz

MCQ: The process of loan repayment by installment payments is classified as

  1. amortizing a loan
  2. depreciation a loan
  3. appreciation of loan
  4. appreciation of investment


Types of Matrices Quiz

MCQ: The matrix which has only one row and one column is classified as

  1. dimension of array
  2. matrix row
  3. vector
  4. matrix column


Linear Functions in Maths Quiz

MCQ: The relationship between two variables which are demanded quantity and pre unit price is

  1. direct
  2. inverse
  3. linear
  4. quadratic