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Acceleration Calculations MCQ with Answers PDF

Acceleration Calculations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Acceleration Calculations quiz answers PDF with a level physics career tests for online courses. Practice accelerated motion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Acceleration Calculations quiz questions for accredited online college courses. Acceleration Calculations MCQ PDF: equation of motion, a levels physics problems, acceleration calculations, uniformly accelerated motion equation test prep for online degree programs.

"If the gradient of a graph is negative, then the acceleration is" MCQ PDF on acceleration calculations with choices positive, negative, zero, and 1 for accredited online college courses. Practice acceleration calculations quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online colleges for science.

MCQs on Acceleration Calculations Quiz

MCQ: If the gradient of a graph is negative, then the acceleration is


MCQ: Gradient of velocity-time graph tells us about object's


MCQ: An object whose velocity is changing is said to be in a state of

Brownian motion

MCQ: Force provided by breaking system of train if it is decelerating at rate of -3 ms-2 and having mass 10,000 kg is

-30,000 N
-40,000 N
-50,000 N
30,000 N

MCQ: If a car starting from rest reaches a velocity of 18 ms-1 after 6.0 s then its acceleration is

1 ms-2
2 ms-2
3 ms-2
4 ms-2

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