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Learn Polyamides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Polyamides quiz answers PDF to study a level chemistry online course for a level chemistry classes. Polymerization Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Polyamides quiz questions for two year online colleges. "Polyamides MCQ" PDF Book: polymer deductions, types of polymerisation, polyesters test prep for two year degree programs.

"What is true about Nylon?" MCQ PDF: polyamides with choices it is an amide, it is a peptide, it is a polyamide, and it is a polyester for two year online colleges. Study polyamides quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college for teaching degree.

MCQs on Polyamides Quiz

MCQ: What is true about Nylon?

it is an amide
it is a peptide
it is a polyamide
it is a polyester

MCQ: Hexanediol dichloride,ClOC(CH2)4COCl is more

reactive only
expensive only
reactive and expensive

MCQ: Nylon-6 is made from

condensation reaction
hexanedioic acid
none of above

MCQ: Process of forcing out nylon from nozzles in to long fibers is called

addition polymerization
substitution polymerization
condensation polymerization
cold drawing

MCQ: All nylons are made by reactions amine group and

carboxylic acids only
acyl-chloride group only
carboxylic acids and acyl-chloride group