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Electronic Configurations Quiz Questions with Answers PDF Download - 51

The Electronic Configurations Trivia Questions and Answers PDF (Electronic Configurations Quiz Answers PDF e-Book) download Ch. 9-51 to solve IGCSE A Level Chemistry Practice Tests. Learn Electrons in Atoms MCQ Questions PDF, Electronic Configurations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) to study IGCSE GCE certificate courses. The Electronic Configurations Trivia App Download: Free educational app for electronic configurations, cells and batteries, equilibrium constant expression, reactions of group vii elements, chemical bonding electron pair and repulsion theory test prep for GRE subject test tutoring.

The Trivia MCQ: The electronic configuration of chromium is; "Electronic Configurations" App (iOS & Android) with answers: [Ar]2d4,4s2; [Ar]2d5,4s1; [Ar]2d5,4s2; [Ar]2d4,4s1; for GRE subject test tutoring. Study Electrons in Atoms Questions and Answers, Google eBook to download free sample for best online SAT prep class.

Electronic Configurations Quiz with Answers PDF Download: MCQs 51

MCQ 251:

The electronic configuration of chromium is

  1. [Ar]2d5,4s1
  2. [Ar]2d4,4s2
  3. [Ar]2d5,4s2
  4. [Ar]2d4,4s1
MCQ 252:

In 1748, the first time the word used in connection with electricity was

  1. battery
  2. charge
  3. electrode
  4. none of above
MCQ 253:

Law relating to concentrations of substances present at equilibrium and to the stoichiometric equation is known as

  1. Law of mass action
  2. Charle's Law
  3. Law of conversation of energy
  4. Boyle's law
MCQ 254:

Halogen with the highest electronegativity is

  1. F
  2. Br
  3. Cl
  4. I
MCQ 255:

Repulsion in electron pairs occurs until the

  1. repulsive forces are maximized
  2. repulsive forces are minimized
  3. repulsive forces are completely diminished
  4. attraction takes over repulsion

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Electronic Configurations App (Android & iOS)

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