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Cell and Nuclear Division Trivia Questions and Answers PDF - 4

The Cell and Nuclear Division Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Cell and Nuclear Division Quiz PDF Download e-Book Ch. 2-4 to study IGCSE A Level Biology Course. Practice Genetic Diseases and Cell divisions Quiz, Cell and Nuclear Division MCQ questions and answers PDF for GRE prep classes. The Cell and Nuclear Division Quiz App Download: Free learning app for mutations, mutagen and oncogene, cancer and carcinogens career test for best online ACT prep class.

The Quiz: Building blocks of nucleic acids are;; "Cell and Nuclear Division" App (iOS & Android) with answers: Amino acids; Nucleotides; Proteins; Lipids; for science degrees online. Study GCSE A Levels Biology Quiz Questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for GRE prep classes.

Cell & Nuclear Division Exam Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 4

MCQ 16:

The building blocks of the nucleic acids are

  1. nucleotides
  2. amino acids
  3. proteins
  4. lipids
MCQ 17:

Cells of secondary growth are created in

  1. benign tumors
  2. malignant tumors
  3. bone tumor
  4. myomas tumor
MCQ 18:

Cancer is caused due to

  1. controlled mitosis
  2. uncontrolled mitosis
  3. controlled meiosis
  4. uncontrolled meiosis
MCQ 19:

The wavelength of the ultraviolet radiations is nearly

  1. 10nm -400 nm
  2. 30 nm- 500 nm
  3. 4 nm- 50 nm
  4. 200 nm- 400 nm
MCQ 20:

The most common form of cancer in men is

  1. prostate cancer
  2. lung cancer
  3. pancreatic cancer
  4. penile cancer

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