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Biological Molecules Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) PDF - 10

The Biological Molecules Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Biological Molecules Quiz PDF Download e-Book Ch. 1-10 to study IGCSE A Level Biology Course. Practice Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Quiz, Biological Molecules MCQ questions and answers PDF for online colleges for science. The Biological Molecules Quiz App Download: Free learning app for biology questions answers career test for accredited online college courses.

The Quiz: Products of reaction reducing sugar Cu+2 is;; "Biological Molecules" App (iOS & Android) with answers: CU+2; CU+3; CU+1; CU; to learn certification courses online. Study Immunity Quiz Questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online colleges for science.

Biological Molecules Exam Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 10

MCQ 46:

The products of the reaction reducing sugar Cu+2 is

  1. CU+3
  2. CU+2
  3. CU+1
  4. CU
MCQ 47:

The molecular structure of amylopectin is

  1. longer than amylose
  2. shorter than amylose
  3. unbranched
  4. formed through 1,2 linkages
MCQ 48:

Glucose is an example of which of the following?

  1. triose
  2. pentose
  3. hexose
  4. sucrose
MCQ 49:

The general formula for the carbohydrate is

  1. Cn (H2O)>sub>2
  2. H2O
  3. H2SO4
  4. HCL
MCQ 50:

The only common non-reducing sugar is

  1. glucose
  2. fructose
  3. maltose
  4. sucrose

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