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Practice Spinning Geometry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Spinning Geometry quiz answers PDF to learn textile technology online course for textile technology classes. Spinning Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Spinning Geometry quiz questions for online college courses. "Spinning Geometry MCQ" PDF Book: preparation for spinning, bobbin structure, ring spinning frame test prep for online university.

"The different inclination angles determines the" MCQ PDF: spinning geometry with choices spinning geometry, spinning length, spinning smoothness, and spinning torque for online college courses. Learn spinning geometry quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online schools.

MCQs on Spinning Geometry Quiz

MCQ: The different inclination angles determines the

spinning geometry
spinning length
spinning smoothness
spinning torque

MCQ: After leaving drafting unit, the material changes angles when passing through

yarn guide
anti balloon ring
all of above

MCQ: In the formation of spinning triangle, the fibers stays


MCQ: The positive effect of yarn guide is

reduced tensile stress on weak zone
increased tensile stress on weak zone
less condensation
greater condensation

MCQ: A longer angle of the drafting unit results into

small spinning triangle
extended angle