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Learn Ring Spinning Frame Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Ring Spinning Frame quiz answers PDF to study textile technology online course for textile technology classes. Spinning Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Ring Spinning Frame quiz questions for schools that offer certificate programs. "Ring Spinning Frame MCQ" PDF Book: ring spinning frame, high preparation test prep for distance learning programs.

"The drafting unit can be equipped with" MCQ PDF: ring spinning frame with choices one fibre control device, two fibre control device, same fibre control device, and different fibre control device for schools that offer certificate programs. Study ring spinning frame quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online university courses.

MCQs on Ring Spinning Frame Quiz

MCQ: The drafting unit can be equipped with

one fibre control device
two fibre control device
same fibre control device
different fibre control device

MCQ: In small belt spindle driving system, a belt drives

8 spindles
3 spindles
4 spindles
6 spindles

MCQ: On tangential belt system, good quality pensioners are required to ensure tension on each spindle to be


MCQ: In spinning triangle, breakage can be overcomed by inserting


MCQ: In gravitational control system, rail upward motion is controlled by

ring rail