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Composition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF Download - 36

The Composition MCQ with Answers PDF (Composition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF e-Book) download Ch. 13-36 to prepare Textile Technology Practice Tests. Learn Tandem Card Test PDF, Composition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college classes. The Composition MCQ App Download: Free certification app for carded cotton spinning, ring spinning frame, spinning, twisting, composition test prep to study online certification courses.

The MCQ Quiz: The six carding points in pre-carding unit are used for; "Composition" App (Play Store & App Store) with answers: Deformation; Disentangling; Fixing; Cleaning; for online college classes. Practice Tandem Card Questions and Answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online colleges and universities.

Composition MCQ Quiz with Answers PDF Download: Test 36

MCQ 176:

The six carding points in pre-carding unit are used for

  1. disentangling
  2. deformation
  3. fixing
  4. cleaning
MCQ 177:

Advantage/s of two for one twisting machine is/are

  1. 2 twists are effected
  2. higher output
  3. fewer knots
  4. all of above
MCQ 178:

In ring spinning frame, draft is in the

  1. upper part
  2. central part
  3. lower part
  4. outside
MCQ 179:

The stroke reversal points moves continuously

  1. forward
  2. backward
  3. downward
  4. upward
MCQ 180:

Pressing cotton into bales

  1. increases softness
  2. decreases softness
  3. has no effect
  4. none of above

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