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Learn Friction Spinning Machine Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Friction Spinning Machine quiz answers PDF to learn textile technology course for textile technology online classes. Fancy Yarns Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Friction Spinning Machine quiz questions for schools that offer certificate programs. Friction Spinning Machine Book PDF: spun fancy yarns, spinning twisting machine, introduction to fancy yarns, twisted fancy yarns test prep for online associates degree.

"Usage of different filament as a core determines that the yarn is" MCQ PDF: friction spinning machine App APK with thin, thick, weak, and strong choices for schools that offer certificate programs. Study friction spinning machine quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online associates degree.

MCQ on Friction Spinning Machine Quiz

MCQ: Usage of different filament as a core determines that the yarn is


MCQ: As compared to traditional spinning machines, friction spinning machine is better because is use

heterogeneous material
regenerated material
both a and b
waste material

MCQ: The friction spinning method allows processing of fibers with counts ranging from

8 to 10 dtex
15 to 18 dtex
3 to 15 dtex
20 to 30 dtex

MCQ: A rotating carding cylinder in friction spinning machine breaks up


MCQ: Friction spinning machine provides

direct transformation of sliver
high speed
large packages
all of above