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Buddhism Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download - 85

The Buddhism Quiz Questions and Answers PDF (Buddhism Quiz with Answers PDF e-Book) download Ch. 15-85 to prepare Sociology Practice Tests. Solve Religion MCQ with answers PDF, Buddhism Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for free online college classes. The Buddhism Quiz App Download: Free learning app for symbolic interactions, summary, theoretical perspectives on urbanization, theoretical perspectives on culture, buddhism test prep for online colleges and universities.

The Quiz MCQ: Buddhism' promotes; "Buddhism" App Download (Free) with answers: Tolerance; Peace; Unity; A and B; for free online college classes. Learn Religion Questions and Answers, Apple eBook to download free sample for online certificate programs.

Buddhism Questions and Answers PDF Download: MCQ 85

MCQ 421:

Buddhism' promotes

  1. Peace
  2. Tolerance
  3. Unity
  4. A and B
MCQ 422:

Shared practices, behaviors and beliefs in a society is called

  1. Culture
  2. Value
  3. Function
  4. System
MCQ 423:

Urban areas change according to specific decisions made by

  1. Political leaders
  2. Economic leaders
  3. Social leaders
  4. A and B
MCQ 424:

The sects that last but do not become denominations is known as

  1. Established sects
  2. Denomination
  3. Atheism
  4. Animism
MCQ 425:

A field of gerontology that examines the social changes is

  1. Social gerontology
  2. Senescence
  3. Primary aging
  4. Secondary aging

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