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The Book Subphylum Crustacea Class Malacostraca Quiz Questions, subphylum crustacea class malacostraca MCQ with answers PDF chapter 5-85 to study online courses, phylum tests. Practice Arthropods Blueprints for Success trivia questions, Subphylum Crustacea Class Malacostraca Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The App Subphylum Crustacea: Class Malacostraca MCQ e-Book PDF Download: life and single plasma membrane, phylum loricifera, patterns of organization, class reptilia: order rhynchocephalia, subphylum crustacea: class malacostraca test prep for online undergraduate degree.

The Quiz: In crustaceans, the fourth and fifth pairs of the appendages are used for handling food, named as PDF, "Subphylum Crustacea: Class Malacostraca MCQ" App Download (Free) with mandibles, maxilla, exopodite, and endopodite choices for online college classes. Solve arthropods blueprints for success questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for bachelor degree online in 2 years.

Phylum: Subphylum Crustacea: Class Malacostraca Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In crustaceans, the fourth and fifth pairs of the appendages are used for handling food, named as

A) maxilla
B) mandibles
C) exopodite
D) endopodite

MCQ: The bones of the reptiles are covered by

A) calcium
B) chitin
C) keratin
D) vitamin D

MCQ: The end towards the tail of an organism is called

A) oral
B) aboral
C) cephalic
D) caudal

MCQ: The total number of identified member of the family Loricifera is

A) 12 species
B) 17 species
C) 14 species
D) 19 species

MCQ: The portion of the cytoplasm that is present just beneath the pellicle is named as

A) endoplasm
B) ectoplasm
C) gel
D) sol

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