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Phylum Arthropoda Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 71

Practice Phylum arthropoda trivia questions and answers PDF, phylum arthropoda quiz answers to learn biological science worksheet 71 for online past papers exam. Solve Arthropods Blueprints for Success quiz with answers, phylum arthropoda Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for biological science. Free phylum arthropoda MCQs, phylum platyhelminthes, phylum echinodermata: class asteroidea, phylum arthropoda test prep for online college courses.

"The jointed external skeleton is called", phylum arthropoda Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices endoskeleton, exoskeleton, hydrostatic skeleton, and epidermis for online associates degree. Learn arthropods blueprints for success questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college courses.

Quizzes on Phylum Arthropoda PDF Download eBook 71

Phylum Arthropoda Quiz

MCQ: Jointed external skeleton is called

  1. exoskeleton
  2. endoskeleton
  3. hydrostatic skeleton
  4. epidermis


Phylum Echinodermata: Class Asteroidea Quiz

MCQ: Members of class are brightly colored which is

  1. red
  2. orange
  3. blue
  4. all of above


Phylum Platyhelminthes Quiz

MCQ: Approximate number of species that are included in class Trematoda are

  1. 8900
  2. 7000
  3. 8500
  4. 8000


Class Diplopoda Quiz

MCQ: Millipedes are included in class

  1. Hexapoda
  2. diplopoda
  3. myriapoda
  4. Chilopoda


Phylum Echinodermata: Class Asteroidea Quiz

MCQ: Process in which sea stars regenerate their lost body part is called

  1. mitosis
  2. reproduction
  3. regeneration
  4. formation