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Phylum Mollusca: Class Aplacophora Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 7

Solve Phylum mollusca class aplacophora quiz questions and answers PDF, phylum mollusca class aplacophora MCQ with answers to practice biological science worksheet 7 for online job interview. Practice Molluscan Success quiz questions with answers, phylum mollusca class aplacophora Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for biological science. Free phylum mollusca: class aplacophora MCQs, phylum nematomorpha, general characteristics of echinoderms, phylum cnidaria, subphylum trilobitomorpha, phylum mollusca: class aplacophora test prep for best online colleges.

"Class Aplacophora is also known as", phylum mollusca class aplacophora Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices husk foot, solenogasters, tooth shells, and annelids for online university classes. Learn molluscan success questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for bachelor degree online in 2 years.

Quiz on Phylum Mollusca: Class Aplacophora PDF Download eBook 7

Phylum Mollusca: Class Aplacophora Quiz

MCQ: Class Aplacophora is also known as

  1. solenogasters
  2. husk foot
  3. tooth shells
  4. annelids


Subphylum Trilobitomorpha Quiz

MCQ: Process in which cuticle of an arthropod, after being cross-linked, a sclerotin becomes harden, known as

  1. ecdysis
  2. calcification
  3. compaction
  4. sclerotization


Phylum Cnidaria Quiz

MCQ: Body cavity of hydra is named as

  1. hydrocele
  2. homocoel
  3. coelenteron
  4. coelom


General Characteristics of Echinoderms Quiz

MCQ: Sea urchin has characteristic feature of

  1. Aristotle s lantern
  2. spines
  3. bristles
  4. tube feet


Phylum Nematomorpha Quiz

MCQ: Members of phylum nematomorpha are also known as

  1. horsehairs worms only
  2. Gordian worms only
  3. round worm
  4. horsehairs and Gordian worms