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Technology and Structure Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook 53

Technology and structure quiz questions, technology and structure multiple choice questions and answers PDF 53 to learn organizational development course for online certification. Practice "Technology and Organizational Structure" quiz with answers, technology and structure Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for organizational management. Free technology and structure MCQs, development stages, efficient performance and learning organization, organizational theory and behavior, selecting strategy and design, technology and structure test prep for online colleges.

"Low labor intensity at the services requires to have technological advances and", technology and structure Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices scheduling of equipment, skill development, manage mechanistic structure, and coordinating dispersed activities for colleges and universities exams. Learn technology and organizational structure questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for bachelor degree online in 2 years.

Quizzes on Technology and Structure PDF Download eBook 53

Technology and Structure Quiz

MCQ: Low labor intensity at services requires to have technological advances and

  1. Skill development
  2. Scheduling of equipment
  3. Manage mechanistic structure
  4. Coordinating dispersed activities


Selecting Strategy and Design Quiz

MCQ: Strategy typology that responds to environmental threats and opportunities is known to be

  1. Defender
  2. Analyzer
  3. Reactor
  4. Prospector


Organizational Theory and Behavior Quiz

MCQ: A rapidly changing environment needs to adapt

  1. Adhocracy
  2. Bureaucracy
  3. Diversification
  4. Entrepreneurship


Efficient Performance and Learning Organization Quiz

MCQ: A narrowly defined piece of work assigned to someone is known as

  1. Labor
  2. Task
  3. Operation
  4. Process


Development Stages Quiz

MCQ: Top management style adopted at elaboration stage of an organization is

  1. Charismatic
  2. Delegation with control
  3. Individualistic
  4. Participation team