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Opportunistic Mycoses Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 7

Opportunistic Mycoses quiz questions and answers, opportunistic mycoses MCQ with answers PDF 7 to solve Microbiology mock tests for online college programs. Learn Basic Mycology trivia questions, opportunistic mycoses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Opportunistic Mycoses Quiz PDF: medically important viruses classification, minor bacterial pathogens, human immunodeficiency virus, gram positive rods, opportunistic mycoses test prep for best online colleges.

"Cryptococcal meningitis is caused by" MCQ PDF with choices cryptococcus neoformans, cryptococcus, diplococcus, and dimorphs for online university classes. Practice basic mycology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for bachelor degree online in 2 years.

Quiz on Opportunistic Mycoses MCQs

MCQ: Cryptococcal meningitis is caused by

Cryptococcus neoformans

MCQ: Anthrax is a disease caused by Bacillus anthracis that is common in most animals but rare in


MCQ: The pol gene is involved in the integration of viral DNA into the host cell with the help of an enzyme called

Reverse transcriptase

MCQ: A sexually transmitted disease that is characterized by the destruction of bones and soft tissues, as well as genital ulceration, is known as

Granuloma inguinale

MCQ: The diameter of hepadnavirus is

75 nm
42 nm
55 nm
23 nm

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