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Mycoplasma MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Mycoplasma Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), mycoplasma quiz answers PDF worksheet, microbiology practice test for online courses. Learn normal flora and major pathogens Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Mycoplasma Quiz" questions and answers for free online classes. Learn mycoplasma, minor bacterial pathogens, rickettsiae, gram negative cocci test prep for online bachelor degree programs.

"The inflammatory disease of pelvic is caused by" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on mycoplasma with choices mycoplasma pneumoniae, mycoplasma hominis, mycobacterium leprae, and mycolasma for free online classes. Practice mycoplasma quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online degree programs.

MCQs on Mycoplasma PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The inflammatory disease of pelvic is caused by

  1. Mycoplasma pneumoniae
  2. Mycoplasma hominis
  3. Mycobacterium leprae
  4. Mycolasma


MCQ: Mycoplasmas are free-living and small organisms having a size approximately

  1. 0.5 µm
  2. 0.4 µm
  3. 0.3 µm
  4. 0.2 µm


MCQ: Mycoplasma form colonies that resemble in shape with

  1. Fungi
  2. Fried egg
  3. Bread
  4. Cream


MCQ: M.pneumoniae is the pathogenic mycoplasma particularly for

  1. Pigs
  2. Rats
  3. Cats
  4. Human


MCQ: What is the most distinguishing feature of the mycoplasma?

  1. Wall less
  2. Saprophyte
  3. Marine
  4. Ozone layer habitat