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Chapter 13: Microbiology Exam Tests

Microbiology MCQs - Chapter 13

Sterilization and Disinfectants Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF - 1

The Book Sterilization and Disinfectants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Sterilization and Disinfectants MCQ Quiz PDF, test 1 to study online microbiology Course. Practice Physical Agents MCQs, Sterilization and Disinfectants trivia questions and answers PDF to prepare for job interview. The eBook Sterilization and Disinfectants MCQs App Download: clinical bacteriology career test for colleges that offer online classes.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): The pore size of nitrocellulose is PDF, "Sterilization and Disinfectants" App Download (Free) with 0.22 µm, 0.23 µm, 0.21 µm, and 0.26 µm choices for best online universities. Solve physical agents quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for distance learning programs.

Microbiology MCQs: Sterilization and Disinfectants Quiz PDF Download - 1

MCQ: The pore size of nitrocellulose is

A) 0.23 µm
B) 0.22 µm
C) 0.21 µm
D) 0.26 µm

MCQ: The temperature range for pasteurization is

A) 60 °C-70 °C
B) 62 °C-72 °C
C) 65 °C-75 °C
D) 121 °C-130 °C

MCQ: Removal and killing of all microorganisms is known as

A) destruction
B) sterilization
C) pasteurization
D) removal

MCQ: The filters that are commonly used known as

A) nitrocellulose
B) filtration tubes
C) sieves
D) filter paper

MCQ: Sterilization is done by autoclave consisting of exposure to stream about

A) 120 °C
B) 170 °C
C) 121 °C
D) 116 °C

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