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Glyoxylate Cycle MCQ with Answers PDF Download eBook - 41

Solve Glyoxylate Cycle multiple choice questions and answers PDF, glyoxylate cycle quiz answers PDF to learn metabolism worksheet 41 for online past papers exam. Practice Metabolism of Carbohydrates quiz with answers, glyoxylate cycle Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for nutrition. Free glyoxylate cycle MCQs, glycolysis, lipoproteins, metabolism of serine, citric acid cycle, glyoxylate cycle test prep for colleges that offer online classes.

"The fatty acid oxidation is active and operative in", glyoxylate cycle Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices mitochondria, glyoxysomes, cytosol, and cytoplasm for colleges and universities exams.

Glyoxylate Cycle PDF Download eBook 41

Glyoxylate Cycle Quiz

MCQ: Fatty acid oxidation is active and operative in

  1. Glyoxysomes
  2. Mitochondria
  3. Cytosol
  4. Cytoplasm


Citric Acid Cycle Quiz

MCQ: Aconitase is an inhibitor of

  1. Kerb's cycle
  2. Glycolysis
  3. Gluconeogenesis
  4. Fructose cycle


Metabolism of Serine Quiz

MCQ: In protein structure, serine acting as a carrier for

  1. Hydroxyl group
  2. Phosphate
  3. Nitrogen
  4. Keto group


Lipoproteins Quiz

MCQ: Functions of apolipoproteins are

  1. Structural component of the lipoproteins
  2. Activate enzyme that are involved in the lipoprotein metabolism
  3. Recognize the cell membrane surface receptors
  4. all of above


Glycolysis Quiz

MCQ: During anaerobic glycolysis, number of ATP produced

  1. 8 adenosine triphosphate only
  2. 6 adenosine triphosphate only
  3. 2 adenosine triphosphate only
  4. 8 and 6 adenosine triphosphate only